What are you Thinking?

Matt White
30 October 16

What are you Thinking?

Your life follows your thoughts.

And Positive thoughts equal positive living and positive living first starts with your thoughts which then determine your words, your actions, your behaviour, your state and ultimately the quality or your life.

And don’t be fooled even the smallest of thoughts, once focused upon will literally blur out and limit your ability focus on everything else. Just one Negative thought which you focus upon continuously limits your ability to see all the other good and amazing opportunity that are happening or could happen in your life.

So the first step is just becoming aware of your thoughts and knowing that what you focus on is your choice because its often not the actual problem that ends up controlling you but rather its putting your continuous focus on it that allows it to take control and break you down, but before we get to depressed here know that the exact same applies for your positive thoughts, that whatever you focus on or give the most attention to within you mind is your Choice – You Choose!

Studies show that we think on average 50 to 70 000 thoughts per day, so choose wisely and give attention and focus only to those thoughts that add value to your life and are beneficial to you, that develop and grow you and create a mind frame of positivity. And Positivity is a habit, a Habit that you need to program and cultivate and do continuously until it becomes and is habitual.

And don’t think you can be the exception to the rule, that you can remain positive and see the good in things when all you talk about, think about people you hang around are negative or discouraging.

If you hang out with 4 pessimistic or negative people – you will become the 5th. You see its simple “ As you think so you are “. Your thoughts and what you think about are exactly a reflection of what you are and what you untimely will become because you attract whatever it is you focus on or give the most attention to in your life. We have something called our (RAS) Reticular activating system which in simple terms is like your Arial or antenna within your brain that takes in what you processing, focusing on and giving the most attention to and then literally seeks out and is programmed to notice anything relevant or pertaining to those continuous direct thoughts, basically like a heat seeking missile that will automatically move toward the programmed target.

And don’t think that it’s just the big things within your life that determine how your life will turn out or is currently, Know that Hurricanes and tornados get all the attention and news but its the tiny termites that cause more damage than both of them combined. It’s the small things those small continuous thoughts and focusing on those small issues that often can cause the most distraction and damage and that small changes can have enormous outcomes, more often than not its those small shifts and small changes that create those big differences and realigns your focuses.

So make that shift and realign your thoughts and entire frame of mind by making those small shifts, those small changes in creating new habits and actions that will create lasting change and produce the results you after. But its all got to start with that single thought, that single thought that without it nothing could ever be done, created or achieved because without the first single thought nothing will ever happen or change.

So make the choice and then stick to it, fix your thoughts on track ahead of you in and the direction you want to be going, on what you want to be, what you want to achieve and ultimately what and who you want to become. Make your thought of choice like a marketing campaign that constantly reminds you and is in the front of mind, Just like all the way all the leading brands aggressively market to keep their brand in the front of your mind, so you need to do the same with your thoughts of choice.

All it takes it one wrong thought that leads to one bad choice or decision to alter the entire course of your life, your business or relationships. But when you fill your mind with the right thoughts, with optimism and opportunity is can lead to good choices and decisions which in turn can also alter the entire course of your life, business and relationships. Focus on the positive and you will start to see the possible and live in encouragement.

I touched on it earlier but one of the only differences between where you are now and where you want to be are your Habits, those things you do on a consistent daily basis, those things that are done so regularly that without even thinking about it you automatically do it and that’s where you need to get to within your thinking, within the way you think, respond and react in advancing and adding value to you and your life. Doing this till it becomes habit will have enormous positive effects on your life and your progression.

Remember all the positive things you have or have done in your life till this point all started with that initial thought, so start small and let those small difference create that big impact. But in all things and always live with an attitude of Gratitude and know that your life will automatically be drawn to exactly what you think about consistently.

Ive said it before but you got to realise that its impossible to focus on the negative and then expect or anticipate positive living or outcomes, it just cannot happen nor will happen – So to change your life, change your thinking.

Start thinking positively and in abundance, and know it can happen instantly, changing your thinking doesn’t have to be some lengthy process in creating the change, it happens instantaneously and only as quickly as you make the decision and shift your way of thinking, to shift into thoughts of adding value and contributing to your life and others lives and just cut off all those thoughts that don’t. They will only hold you back and hinder you.

From today make that shift, make the decision and start implementing and inserting exactly what you want to be thinking about and focusing on. Know that where your Mind goes your mouth and feet will follow. No success in your life is possible without first seeing it and thinking it.

Your mind is so much more powerful than you know and literally is the thing that is responsible for every area and outcome of your life, Control your thoughts, be completely aware of your thinking and plant and implement exactly what you want to focus on and move toward consistently. Reset and Set your mind daily, make the right choices and decisions and your life will drastically change.

And dont forget that everything within this world, every great success, every creation or every achievement or advancement throughout History was started with just that one single thought, that shift in someone’s thinking that became a burning obsession, a set & definitive focus that was actioned and acted upon continuously until it became a reality and an achievement.

So my question to you is
What you thinking about?

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