Use It Or Lose It

Matt White
04 July 17

Use It Or Lose It

Your talents and skills are entrusted to you but if not used, if not utilised they will diminish and begin to fade. But when you embrace them, when you use and utilize them they will grow, they will develop and they will become stronger, they will continue to expand and inevitably explode making you unstoppable

And Yes we all have different talents, different abilities and skills so don’t compare yourself to others who have more in certain or other areas that your strengths. We all completely unique and have been individually equipped with different and unique talents and gifts because its takes a combination of everyone’s talents to create this exciting world we live in.

Like an orchestra, each musician may play a different instrument in different ways but its because of all those individual instruments that they able to create the collective magnificent sounds and symphonies. It’s their combination of their skills that makes the music beautiful. So stop wanting what others have or can do and start realising what you have and how you can use it to contribute, to expand and to give.

You and you alone are accountable and responsible for what you give , what you do , what you contribute and add to , no matter how small or big it is , it’s something you got to be doing daily . Realise you got more to give than you realise and more to give than you think, you have what it takes because it’s not what you have that matters but it’s what you do with what you have that matters, so whether you think you got 1 or you think you got 100 talents, it’s not about the quantity it’s about you ability to use and apply them effectively.

Pablo Picasso said “The meaning of life is to find your gift , the purpose of life is to give it away ". You see we may not all have the same ability but we do all have opportunity.

So what are your talents, your skills and abilities and how are you using them and applying them daily not to honour you but to honour others, to always be adding value. And let it reflect in your life, in the way you live daily. Because you can either talk about what you can do or you can give it away and show others through the way you live it daily.

Take what you have, what you are capable of and use it abundantly, develop it, embrace it and it will grow, it will expand and it will create more. If there is something you want more of then start giving more of that thing first and then watch how it automatically starts coming back to you. But you got to give first and then you create the ability to receive. So don’t shrink , don’t hide or play it safe , because the only way your gifts , your talents or skills grow is when you willing to risk it , when you willing to take those risks , when you willing to put yourself out there but most importantly that you willing to trust , to trust in you and in your ability. It’s taking those steps and living by faith. Because the risks you take is directly linked to the faith you have, which is directly linked to the result you get.

You know what you got and what you can do, so my question to you is - Are you going to use it or lose it?