The CHAMP is Here

Matt White
05 September 16

The CHAMP is Here

We all know the infamous Mohamed Ali and many would argue that he was the greatest boxer that ever lived but for me what always stands out about Mr Ali was his confidence, his self belief and the conviction he possessed in knowing  and claiming he was “ The champ “  I mean he wouldn’t even have to get in the ring to intimidate and deflate his opponents , all he had to do was open his mouth and spurt out his self proclaimed Greatness and ability to dominate the world of Boxing and the ring  . Physiologically he would beat  out his competitor just by simply having them think “ Man this guy really does Believe he is the greatest ,  he truly thinks he is the Best “ and if he believes it like that then on an unconscious level they start believing it and questioning if it is in fact the truth .
The CHAMP is Here
But be that as it may and for all those that thought he was a little arrogant and maybe just a big mouth and bag of hot air , the real truth , the core of Mohamed Ali’s success was not his ability to claim he was the champ , or his Self convicting belief that he was in fact the greatest that ever lived , no not at all . To me the  Foundational truth was that he was  the Champ and one of the real  Greats Because  HE TRAINED to be  a champ , he did whatever was necessary Day in and day out to become  everything  he was , he put in the hours , he took the punches , he pushed through when he was broken and wanted to give up , he kept going when every muscle in his body hurt , he woke up early and trained all day  no matter how tired he was or what the weather outside was , he sacrificed doing what everyone else was doing to train , he kept hitting the bag when his hands were bruised and swollen and skipped until he was literally  physically exhausted , he was willing to do whatever it took for however long it took  , to be all in , completely committed ,  fully disciplined  and absolutely focused  & not for a month or 6 months but UNTIL he became the champ UNTIL he was the greatest UNTIL he dominated the ring  UNTIL he retired .

You see his accomplishments; his phenomenal achievements in the ring were already determined and created in his dedication and commitment he had put in in his training before the fights. It was what he did to prepare , it was his willingness to give up everything else prior to getting in the ring that gave him the ability and confidence to Dominate it.

The same principles apply to your life and your success, simply believing you are the greatest and you are Successful by repeating it to yourself everyday won’t automatically make it so ……… its putting in the hours, its in your commitment & dedication to   learning , educating , training , applying and repeating whatever is needed for as long as its needed that determines that success , that allows you to confidently back up your Self belief and confidence with actual actions and measurable  results  . It’s not being willing to stop UNTIL you achieve UNTIL you succeed. UNTIL you the Greatest.


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