Save or Delete

Matt White
29 January 17

Save or Delete

So what is it that you store, Frame, hang on our wall within your mind?

I mean we all probably have. wall in your house where all the important photo’s hang. they nicely framed and displayed for everyone to see and appreciate. and on that wall the only pictures you will ever find are the ones those people really liked. the ones that have real significance. meaning to them. it’s the story of their memories. a timeline through life in reminiscing on those past experiences. people and events that impacted their lives .

I mean we don’t hang up and frame pictures of bad experiences. of disliked people or negative events. cause let’s face it to hang pics like that on your wall would be ludicrous and only remind you of those things you’d rather forget and put behind you. I mean in the digital age we live in now you delete or erase any negative or bad photo right then and there because every single one of us only want to see or remember the good pics. the ones we look the best in !

So why then are we so adamant to hang onto all the negative and disempowering pics within our head and our life. why do we save them. store them and often even Frame them just so we can reflect on them and focus on them continuously in reminding ourselves of all the Bad that happened in our past.

You got to realise that your picture wall within your life is the actual picture you project and what other people see as. reflection of you. cause whatever pictures we focus on within our minds consistently is exactly what our mental photo album is going to be filled with. get stored. project.

So what is the picture that you projecting and reflecting onto others and for yourself. If someone had to ask you to give them. picture of yourself to hang on their wall. What picture would you give them and would it reflect the person you really are, Would it be. really good pic or would you be willing to give them. bad one because whatever picture you projecting and giving onto them is exactly how they going to see and reflect on you.

So what’s your picture and what does it say about you.

Because the only time you should be looking through all those negative. wasted photos is when you deleting them. the only time you should reflect on. negative pic is when you can look at it. learn from it and assure you’ll either correct it or avoid it if that same picture gets taken in your future

You got to start enlarging and focusing on your pictures of victory. success. gratitude. love. progress and growth. you got to frame them. display them and create an entire album of them. and if. negative one finds its way into your album. simply pull it out. hit delete or throw it away because again whatever your Picture wall focuses on is exactly what will be projected from your life

And I’s pretty certain that once you really think about it you will be amazed how many positive. amazing pictures you have saved and stored in the shoe box’s of your mind. so pull them out. dust them off and put them into your album of life .

Your past does not equal your future and the pictures on your wall can be changed and replaced whenever you chose so start living in gratitude for those great moments and memories. reflect on them often and never let. Negative picture occupy. space on your wall or in your album and If you got photos of hurt or disappointment. don’t just delete them. but first forgive them and then simply release them.

We all got our wall of memories and we all have an album of our life. so make sure the album you putting on your coffee table or displaying on your wall is exactly what you want to remember and have visible for all to see.

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