IF you Know – you Got to Go!

Matt White
13 October 16

IF you Know – you Got to Go!

There is a big difference in your life between Knowing the path you need to take And Actually taking it.

It’s like knowing the route you need to take to get home but then simply missing the turns only to get frustrated when you don’t arrive at your address. Seriously it’s that insane and literally that simple.

So often we are well aware of the path or route we need to take, the direction we need to be heading in or the necessary actions that are essential for accomplishment but we simply ignore them, put them off, make multiple excuses as negotiate with ourselves as to why we don’t do it or some other notion of insanity we come up with, Humanity in general is an amazing procrastinator and fabulous con-artist

I mean just think of some of the crazy things you have heard people say or even better what you’ve said to yourself when you knew you were meant to do something or you knew what needed to be done but then simply just didn’t do.

But the real kicker is that when it doesn’t happen or we don’t achieve or succeed as we had planned in our heads and thoughts, then we want to blame everything and everyone else for it not happening, it’s always some sort of external factor that influenced you in your in-ability to act or achieve, it’s that our circumstances or timing just wasn’t right or our lack of knowledge and ability to actually do it just wasn’t there or any of the other millions of excuses we conjure up in our heads, but when we get to the core of it and are completely honest with ourselves we all know who’s to blame and exactly why it didn’t happen or work out.

The only blame that can be placed or directed is toward yourself, we need to look into our mirror and blame ourselves for not acting, for not doing what needed to be done, for not doing what was necessary and required, for not following our dreams and taking the path we know we needed to take to achieve the outcome and success we desired and dreamt about creating.

Our Outcomes and our Success is not determined by our conditions but by our decisions.

It’s in those choices you make daily, hourly and minute by minute, its in choosing to sit in front of the TV night after Night instead of reading books on what it is you want to achieve or gain knowledge on, its choosing to hit the snooze button numerous times instead of getting out of bed and going to gym, it’s in choosing to go out drinking with your colleagues or friends regularly instead of going home to spend time with and see your family.

Because things don’t just happen they are created over a period of time, in the same way if you took action daily and kept doing what needed to be done you would eventually achieve your goal or outcome so is it if you fail to take action or not do whatever is necessary so you will also get a result but it will be the opposite of what you intended.

I believe that 99% of people out there are so busy dreaming and talking about what they want and where they want to be and what they want to achieve and do with their life that they never act on it.

They never take the necessary action and commitment that is needed in order to move them, to drive them and direct them down the path of desired success, Then you get that 1% who do Act, who don’t hesitate or procrastinate but give it all they got all day, every day, that won’t give up or give in UNTIL they accomplish and succeed..

And make no mistake that path toward your success and accomplishment is clearly marked and very visible it’s not some hidden, obscure detour, but Yes when you look down it you got to know it’s a 100% commitment, give it all you got, won’t let up or ever take it easy on you path, its full of obstacles that will test you, challenge you and make you want to stop or give up, but it’s also the only way you’ll ever get to that destination where you truly living fulfilled, where each day you feel completely engaged and alive, where those challenges don’t break you anymore but in fact develop you, grow you and make you wiser and stronger, where before long you have traveled so far along it that it starts to become more familiar and you start anticipating the challenges and navigating the obstacles with easy and are encouraging & helping others along that same path, that that very path that once seemed so daunting and unachievable is now just the norm, a way of life and an exhilarating journey that you enthusiastically look forward to pursuing day in and day out.

So my challenge to you is to be that 1%, be the person that doesn’t just talk or dream but actually steps forward and does it, that 1% that takes the necessary action, that makes the turn and directs their life toward and along that path they desire and dream of, that 1% that wakes up each day and says to themselves “ What choices and actions am i going to make and do today to move me toward that desired success and accomplishment “ to be that 1% person that stops whining and making excuses and JUST GOES OUT AND DOES IT!

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