Guard your Heart

Matt White
30 October 16

Guard your Heart

Whatever the words are that come out of your mouth are simply a direct reflection of what is coming out of your heart. And often we find its in the times of pressure that the truth that lies within your heart comes out, Why? because its always been there but in times when we put under pressure that our filters break down and the truth cant but help directly flowing out and getting revealed.

You can change your behaviour and try be what you not, but know that eventually that truth that resides within you will eventually come out and reveal the real you, So get to know yourself properly, what you really got going on deep down on the inside and what resides within those inner chambers of your heart so that you can be true to who you are or to recognise what changes need to occur within your life in creating the change you after, to really discover what it is that is holding you back or weighing you down.

There is a simple internal truth and that is “Whatever you feed the most will grow and what you will get more of“ And your heart doesn’t know or care whether its good for you or not, whether its contributing to your life or destructively taking from you, all it knows is that it needs to keep feeding and allow to grow and take control exactly what it is you focus on continuously.

So what’s in your Heart? what is it that you are feeding and fuelling daily in allowing it to take control and grow within your heart and life, And does it add value to your life and to others or is it taking away, destructive and harmful to you and the others within your life.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself often – Am i hiding things within my heart and is what I’m showing the world and others an act when deep inside I’m hiding and suppressing the truth within my life and heart, because if you are, then be aware that you need to start working on it as eventually it will come out and it will be exposed – It always does ! So stop hiding it and start working on it, know that if its in there that it will come out !

Your heart is something you need to guard so closely and be consciously aware of what is going into it, what you accepting and more importantly what is coming out of it, if what’s going in is inappropriate then don’t even entertain it, think of it like planting a little seed that overtime it will grow beneath the surface until one day it breaks through the ground and is exposed for all the world to see. Know that like each seed it cannot remain contained beneath the soil but will break out as it grows and develops, So guard your heart and plant your seeds within it wisely.

From the moment we can comprehend and throughout life we are never taught or cautioned to protect and guard our hearts, yet they are the entrance to what we allow into our lives and what we allow to take root and control within us, its where we allow everything to grow and develop that ultimately determines who we are and who we will inevitably become, so the 1 st rule of life should be to protect and guard the two most precious assets we have being our hearts and minds as they are the catalysts to everything within our lives.

So if you desire and want the results of a fulfilled life then embrace kindness, allow it to become something you practise and apply in your life on a daily basis, Kindness costs you nothing but has an enormous value, So be kind and do now what is necessary in order to create and plant those seeds that will grow, create, flourish and produce the direct results you after and desire.

And if you have people within your life that are like a weed within your life that is strangling you, taking over or holding you back from growing then cut them off, pluck them out and get rid of them as they will only continue to suffocate and pollute your heart and thoughts and negatively influence what you feed and produce within your life Recognise your heart and your thoughts are where everything within you stems from and starts, so pay full attention to them and plant wisely, because what you focus on, what you give your attention to what you cultivate and grow, untimely is what your will produce and become

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