Give & you Shall – JUST GIVE

Matt White
09 August 16

Give & you Shall – JUST GIVE

So we all know the age old saying of " Give and you shall receive " which yea is true and absolutely does apply , but I'm saying Screw it , just Give !!

Not because of what you can get in return or what you might have happen to you or even in the " If I do this then ill get that " attitude, man don't even do it for You at all – No conditions attached Giving . I challenge you to just simply Give because you can, because you want to , because of the difference or change you can make in someone else's life , situation or circumstances, Give freely and willingly , Give openly and happily ….. and don't just do it once , do it all the time ! Do it as often as you have the opportunity to and if there isn't an opportunity then create one or make one.

And realise that more often than not the Gift someone receives from your Giving is not in those big Things , moments or events , its in those small gestures of Simply giving a smile when its needed , A hug when its appropriate , Giving Kindness when its necessary  and Giving Gratitude when required. Its in those small gestures , those little acts that we form and create a lasting habit of Giving within ourselves.

Because its not something you have to apply , but rather something you should Want  to apply  , its choosing to Give when its easier to take, its deciding to Give when its not expected or deserved. So do it today ,as much as you can as often as you can because the strange thing is that the more you do , the easier it becomes  to do.

And realise that your Fulfilment doesn't come from what you get – It comes from who you become, Its not what you have but who you are that creates your Future , fulfils & moulds you.

And who that "YOU" is going to be Is entirely up to you, So Give without expecting anything back and you may just find that what you do get back might just be far more valuable that what you actually gave in the first place.

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