Excuses Are Useless

Matt White
10 April 17

Excuses Are Useless

If you think you can or you think you can't - you right. Don't look for excuses, look for opportunity. Excuse is easier to find but opportunity is what will create progress

Excuses, don’t excuse you from making progress and growth in your life, they are the anchor that you throw out that will stop you from moving forward, will stop you from taking responsibility and being control

So are you a cause or effect person, do you make excuses and blame everything else for you and where you are or do you acknowledge who and where you are and take responsibility to make the necessary changes and take ownership for your life. It’s your life guys, you got to know if you don’t take ownership for it then no one else will or can. Because you may not be able to change the circumstances or situations but you can change & take responsibility for how you respond and react to it. Remember it’s not what happened that counts it’s the choices you make in those moments that determine the outcome.

You need to know that only 10% of your life is based on what happens to you, the other remaining 90% is based on how you react that that 10%

So stop ignoring, make excuses & self justifying your own short comings and inadequacies.

Admit them , acknowledge them , take responsibility for them and them work at changing them , work at getting better every day . Your life won't give you what you deserve, it will give you what you settle for, what you allow - don't ever settle for less that your best in everything in all areas and aspects. You are not your excuses they are simply just that useless Back pack of weights you carrying around for no reason , but your time has come to take off that Back pack to throw it down and start walking taller.

Making excuses and using the blame game means that's what you have settled for and accepted in your life. It means you willing to give up control and are admitting that you not willing to accept responsibly for your actions, your decisions, you behaviour, ultimately your life ..... the problem with that is it’s like letting go of the wheel of your car while you driving and then expecting not to crash , it’s just not possible , its only when you take the wheel , when you start taking control and responsibility and start directing and steering your life in the direction you want it to be heading . And know that when you crash, when you wreck or go of course you can blame whoever you want, you can blame it on anything you choose to and you can make a million excuses as to why it happened , but the reality is it won’t change a single thing , it won’t stop you from crashing it won’t undo the wreck and it won’t make any difference as to why it happened.

I want you to ask yourself the below three questions and whatever your answers are to them know then what you need to cut off , what you need to cut out and form today what you need to do!

  • 1 - What are you making excuses for in your life?
  • 2 - What are you simply settling for?
  • 3 - How and what are you going to do today to create that change , to start toward taking responsibility and being fully in control of this incredible experience called your life?

Remember your life is a lifelong process ... so cut those anchors, stop the excuses and start living responsibly knowing where you going, who you are and ultimately who you becoming .