Matt White
11 February 17


Are you living your daily life in fear or faith, which of these are you choosing daily?

Because they both believe on something – fear believes in the worst and faith believes in best which you chose to focus on and give attention to is up to you – it’s a choice.

But know that whichever you chose to focus on will become the path and direction into your future. And yes There will always be What If’s for any decision and action you take but do you What if’s also allow you look at “What if it goes right” , “What if it works out” or just saying its possible instead of the Negative What it’s all the time cause that’s fear taking control , And you got to know that whatever you feed in your life will grow , it will develop and grow deep roots because the more attention and focus you give to something the more it cements itself within you.

So choose to feed your faith, to feed your empowering beliefs your abilities and capabilities and choose to feed your dreams with faith that they will and can happen allowing it to grow and become a habit…..

Cause Faith will strengthen you but Fear ….
oh Fear will only weaken you and break you down.

And I’m not saying you don’t have to be aware of reality. Because i know full well that life happens whether we want it to or not but choosing to live and respond to life by looking at in the positive, the possibilities and by faith will strengthen and build you up, it will develop you daily . But by choosing to respond in fear you choose to live in constant fear and despair. And yes the storms will still come but Faith is what allows the storm to remain on the outside whilst having peace on the inside but Fear will invite that external storm to break through into your life and take hold of you within.. Simply put FEAR puts the storms of the world inside of you and you need to remember it’s not the water around a ship that causes it to sink but the water it gets inside that causes it to sink

And the very definition of faith is simple, It’s just being able to see and believe in what has not already happened as if it already had.

So I ask you then – How much faith do you have in YOU ?
How much do you believe you possible of ?

Ok no more procrastination it’s now time to kick out and get rid of those fears that make you blind and keeps you living in a scared, reactive state instead of confidently trusting in YOU in knowing what can happen and what you want to happen so you can plan and live a pro active life, a life where you taking control and know what’s possible, a life where you know what you want in your future.

So don’t waste another ounce of energy feeding your fears but rather direct it to fuel your faith

And if that means you got to stand guard & keep that door to you mind and heart locked tight and protected then do it because you are the Bouncer of your life so don’t allow a single visitor or fear to enter in, check their ID at the door and kick them to the curb … cause fear never travels alone but always brings along all its friends…. but Faith well Faith also travels with friends , but his friends are the kind of friends that make your place look better , add value and up your status , so go out and invite them in .

Think of it this way that living by faith is like flying a plane through heavy clouds , it’s when you can’t see where you going, or not knowing what lies ahead , above or around you. Instead you choose to focus on the instruments in knowing they will get you through the clouds , keep you on course and save you from making bad judgement calls , stop you from panicking and best of all stop you from simply just reacting to the conditions all around you.

And the thing about these two emotions is that both Fear and failure are really contagious, They are what you will inevitably spread around and influence others with, the same as if you continue to hang around negative, fearful people you got to know you will be and can only become just like them but the same goes for positivity, possibility & faith. The more you surround yourself with it the more it will become who you are, what you spread and what you believe.

Fear or Faith – it’s a choice, it’s a decision, it’s what you feed daily in allowing to take hold and grow within you, but know which ever road or route you choose, that both have a direction and a destination so make sure the path its leading you in is where you actually want to be going and more importantly where you eventually want to end up and who you want to ultimately become

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