Distraction leads to the wrong Actions

Matt White
16 October 16

Distraction leads to the wrong Actions

Distraction has got to be one of the biggest enemies to Success, it’s that
annoying thing that comes along continuously and take us off course or re shifts our focus unwillingly or unnecessarily in another direction. I mean I bet a
vast majority of you that read this will probably get distracted before you manage to get to the end of what’s written, cause that’s how often or
common distractions are.

I suppose the best way for me to describe distraction in my own words would
be to say its something that takes your attention or focus off of what’s most important or necessary.

And if there is any advise I can give on it, it would be To never let Urgent
things distract you from the important things. Ok so ill break that down a bit, So don’t let that urgent report you got to do distract you from the Importance
of spending time with your family.

Don’t let that urgent e mail you waiting on distract you from the importance of going to gym or hitting the road for that run you have planned on doing.

Don’t let that staying to have another drink with your friends distract you from getting home to make it on time for the plans your partner had planned

Don’t let that urgent meeting you got to present at tomorrow distract you from the importance of getting everything you need to get done today

Its so easy to get and be distracted by the things we deem and think are Urgent but we end up sacrificing and avoiding what is most important. So don’t allow distraction to take you off course or shift your focus, stay on course and recognise the distractions continuously bombarding you and decide whether or not you’ll allow them to distract you and ask if the distraction is worth putting yourself off course for.

One of the greatest and most persistent stumbling blocks in achieving any success within any and all areas of your life is Distraction, Simply put its the re-focusing of your attention and your attention can only be and will only be where your Focus is. You can’t reach your destination or achieve your desired destiny by continuously allowing yourself to be consistently distracted, For you to attain and achieve that level of success you after you have to remain completely focused and have to learn how to navigate around distraction and that comes by knowing what your actual end result is.

Have a clear and vivid picture in your mind at all times of what it is you after,
what your end goal and desire is, know where you going and what you got to do to get there and then stick to it, that’s how you avoid and navigate around distraction. But know that no matter how clear your vision, how directed your attention and actions are, or how badly you want what you after, distraction will always come – That’s a guarantee. But what’s important, what really matters is not the distraction that comes along but the way in which you handle, address and deal with those distractions that will make all the difference and give you “ Either the Outcome you desire or allow the distraction to Transpire “

In any strive or push to accomplish anything of significance or substance you will always face difficulties and distractions but your ability to be able to stick at it, to keep pushing forward and remain completely focused is what will allow you to take that MCA – Massive consistent Action that will propel you toward achieving it. Remember that just because someone walks up to you and offers you Poison, doesn’t mean you have to drink it, the same applies for distractions, It’s your choice and you can either choose not to accept them or you can drink the poison, but my advice to you is, if you got people or things in your life that are consistently offering you Poison in the form of distraction, then get rid of them, they will only rob you of your objectives and hold you back or hinder you.

Your goals and desires are like a seed that can and will only grow once they’ve been planted, watered and their roots have began to grow, but keep uprooting that plant or seed and eventually it will die and amount to nothing, even though it once possessed within it the makings of something great, or something amazing by constantly being uprooted and ignored it will die.

Because all Distraction first starts with a simple thought, it’s when you first entertain that thought of distraction that you then allow yourself to start thinking about it and that s when it starts to reflect in your focus, your words, your behaviour and your actions. Just by becoming aware of your thoughts of what you entertaining in your head and taking control of those thoughts of distraction allows you to cut them off and stop them before they ever become a planted seed and take root.

So let every distraction get a reaction and let that reaction be “Hey you not welcome here so turn around and leave

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