Buried or Planted

Matt White
09 August 16

Buried or Planted

Have you ever looked at an Acorn ?

And when you looked at it what did you see ? I mean you can either look at it and see a simple Acorn seed or you can look at it and see something that has the potential of becoming a giant Oak Tree , cause as small as that Acorn may appear and seem NOW , you got to know that every single Giant oak tree was once that small , was once that simple seed just waiting to be planted in order for it to start releasing what was inside of it all along.

And I would like to think that each Acorn already knows what it is destined to be , that It already knows what lies within it , that it will wait for as long as it needs to and it will weather whatever it may need to , because it knows as soon as its opportunity comes and its given that chance to fulfil its true potential it will say “ ITS MY TIME – this is my opportunity and I will now stop at nothing until I become everything I was destines and created to be , UNTIL I become that Giant Oak that has always existed within me “.

Guys you got to realise that you are that Acorn seed , that within you already lies and lives this untapped , enormous potential of being and becoming everything you were created to be , In becoming everything you are capable of being. It s already in You – All you got to do is realise it and Tap into that potential.

So if right now in your life you feeling small , insignificant and you don’t think you could or would ever amount to much , that you don’t have what it takes…..then I want to tell you to “ WAKE UP & SNAP OUT OF IT “ Stop lying to yourself , stop acting small and listening to those limiting voices in your head. Realise that you GOT EVERYTHING YOU WOULD EVER NEED TO BE EXCEPTIONAL , Its ALREADY there , I mean you don’t need to belong to some secret club or have some elite membership to become something and someone of Greatness , all you got to do is believe in you , believe in it and then go out and achieve it.

And just imagine with me for one minute that this little Acorn Seed has a little brain and feels all the emotions we do , Then imagine with me what it thinks when its picked up and thrust into this deep , dark Hole and covered with heaps of soil , left with nothing but enormous pressure , complete darkness and a cold , damp environment. That in that moment that seed feeling all these emotions has to decide if it’s been BURIED OR PLANTED , because let’s be honest here , the conditions and situation is exactly the same but its not the conditions but the decision that will determine its outcome.

You see if it thinks its been BURIED it will simply roll over , remain where it is and slowly wait to decay and then eventually die and will never amount to anything.

But if that same seed in those exact same conditions believes and decides it’s been PLANTED , it will start , pushing , growing and taking whatever action necessary in the belief that it will eventually break through that darkness , that it will keep going Until it reaches the surface and break through that soil.
And what I want you to realise and understand about this is that this Acorn seed or any other seed for that matter has to be PLANTED , it has to be challenged and go through that experience in order to ever grow , to ever develop or ever have a chance at becoming something of greatness , of ever living to its full potential.

Guys no Growth , no achievement nor success has ever come nor will ever come without Challenge , without requiring you to give it all you got and keep going until you break through , until you achieve and attain it. So if you going through a challenging time right now , or you’ve been stuck in that Hole of darkness and isolation then I’m telling you – you got two choices , the one is to think and believe you’ve been BURIED or for you to think and Believe you’ve been PLANTED , whatever you decide is up to you but know that the actions , the efforts ,the results & eventual outcome between the two are drastically different.

And I want you to know that I believe you have it in you – I believe you are the Giant Oak inside that Acorn Seed and I believe you have the capability to break through and fulfil your potential of Greatness……….

By hey let’s be honest it’s not about what I Believe nor think – It’s only about what you Believe and think ?

BURIED or PLANTED………you decide.


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