Are you talking to me

Matt White
07 August 16

Are you talking to me

So which movie is this from – “Are you talking to me, who you talking to then , im the only one here “ it’s one of the most famous lines from Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver?

Although it’s a famous movie quote – it really is a question you need to be asking yourself every time you catch yourself speaking negatively or with abuse to yourself..

So tell me when you made it acceptable to believe and think it’s OK to speak to ourselves however you want to ? … that just because nobody is listening or can hear you , its ok to abuse , slander , insult , breakdown and swear at yourself .. well i want to let you in on a hidden truth here – Someone is always listening and that someone is “ YOU

And know that the you that is listening to how you speak to yourself is the most important person you need to be aware of …… because however you speaking to yourself will always be heard inside , it’s not like when you say something to someone else that once you’ve said it – it’s said and gone, or maybe they didn’t even hear me . When you break yourself down it stays and replays over and over again in your head.

You see the more you continue to break yourself down and beat yourself up inside the more your unconscious mind will start believing it and eventually one day will say “ HELLO… Good morning – don’t forget what we are….. we haven’t told ourselves how useless or incapable or stupid and incompetent we are today…. and then it continues to repeat those abuses and disempowering words so regularly that every time you mess up, you forget , you make a mistake or don’t do as well as you anticipated you just remind yourself automatically and continue to beat yourself up inside and hurl abuses until eventually it becomes a habit and that habit becomes a disempowering belief and that disempowering belief starts to reflect in your life everyday, which in turn then influences your choices and actions.

So if you find it easy to break yourself down or destructively abuse yourself and tell yourself how useless or incapable and ugly you are then I want you to listen to me really closely …..” ITS NOT TRUE “, it’s simply just some made up story you have created that has been repeated so many time internally that your unconscious mind actually now believes that that is who you are…And because your unconscious simply follows instructions it will just continue to keep reinforcing these beliefs as it thinks that is what you want, thats what it needs to believe but just because for thousands of years they believed the world was flat… didn’t mean it was actually true.

So wake up and start challenging those limiting beliefs and really questioning them , its only by doing this that you will ever gain the truth and start to create that change and shift in your life.

Lets be Honest here , the way we speak to ourselves is insane , I mean can yo imagine if you spoke to someone else the way you speak to yourself ? .. What do you think they would do or say or how would they react to you ?…. or Imagine if you heard someone speak to someone that you loved that way…. How would you react , how would you respond , or how would you defend them ?

And lets take it one step further and ask – if I spoke to someone I really cared about the way I speak to myself would they feel encouraged and loved or would they feel broken , hurt and discouraged ? Guys you go to realise there is no difference..

  • So Stop accepting it , Stop believing it and then just stop doing it.
  • You cant speak negatively and expect to live positively
  • You cant speak defeat and expect to line in Victory
  • You cant speak words of lack and expect a life of abundance
  • If you plant tomatoes , don’t expect to harvest Apples , it just aint going to happen

So really Challenge your thoughts , be absolutely aware from now on and when you catch yourself saying them or thinking them – then just stop !!!! Nothing technical or complex – just stop!

You are the only person your inner consciousness will listen to and take instructions from, so stop talking negatively and then instantaneously change it for the exact opposite , empowering and encouraging internal dialogue….

So if you saying something like “ I’m useless , ill never get it – then change it to “ I’m amazing and always achieve my desired outcomes. or maybe something like “ I’m so stupid , this always happens to me “ change it to –“ I’m abundantly intelligent , and everything happens for my benefit“.

All you got to do is Change your internal dialogue and you will change your life from the inside out. Be aware that your words have enormous power and can either break you down , be used to destroy you and keep you down or they can be used to develop you , to build you up and catapult you into the life of opportunity and prosperity that you were destined to live.

So What are the words you using on yourself every day?

Because from today you go to be doing your own Robert Di Nero and asking – Are you talking to me ????

And know that what you tell yourself you are – Inevitably is who you will be and become.

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