About Mint


MINT which by definition is MINDS IN TRAINING but with a bit of an awesome double twist in also being “MINTED “which we all know is on your Goals list  .
MINT was created & has been developed by Matt White who happens to also want to be “MINTED” the difference however is that his “MINTED” comes in the form of positively contributing & adding enormous value in any way possible to all his clients – actually MINT doesn’t care if you a client yet or not, it just wants to be adding value & positively contributing to as many lives as possible  … Sounds pretty simple.. But its true!  

It’s Complete Personal Development but that’s   RESLUTS focused, because seriously who wants to spend their time doing something without ever getting a result?  which is why there is a MINT MONEY BACK on all our products ,  MINT is completely outcome focused by using & utilising specific techniques & methodology  in achieving the desired  outcomes in creating advanced Personal development  , basically we Build People &  in so doing they Build their WORLD …… & we think   that’s Pretty cool !

Matt White believes , trains  & coaches in  knowing you already have what it takes within you  & that you truly  do matter , that In order for things to change , you need to first change & this occurs by making those small consistent changes which have enormous lasting  impact  – Its taking that MCA * daily in becoming fully engaged & clearly directed.  Matt believes that everyone has the potential & ability to be & become everything they were destined to be – But Hey it doesn’t matter what Matt believes  , What matters , what creates results  is  what you believe !

Matt White’s success is due to his own appetite for Personal Development , ongoing education & the drive to always be moving Forward & succeeding  . With these characteristics in him  it was only a matter of time until he started sharing it &  teaching it to others

– Hey I just realised that’s How MINT came about –

The MINT team  is highly driven & deeply passionate about MINT  , what we offer &  Hey –“ lets be honest here , basically everything we do “  

Matt & the team at MINT look to positively have an impact by approaching each client with complete flexibility in a  dynamic approach of  extracting & attaining their desired outcome

“WOW , ok who wrote that , cause it sounds pretty Impressive”

And I know  I was told I need to make sure that Matt White’s  Motto was included on this page , So here it is   :

“I do what I do because of what I can give , Not because of what I can Get , I’ve found the more I Give the more I just seem to Get “

And there you have it , its deep I know but Seriously  it really is what we  believe & live by.

And just to show how much we like to Give, Here are 10 facts about us :

  1. We really awesome & believe you got to be laughing a lot , Like alot !
  2. Matt Hails from the Town of Movie stars & Princesses – No Not Hollywood – Benoni!
  3. We like adventure , in fact we try find any excuse to do more of it & are always up to try new things
  4. We crazy about health & Fitness & really enjoy a Healthy lifestyle
  5. We have loads of Fun – except when we stuck in traffic, because that’s never fun…..
  6. We  Believe in Family  First , then Business but to always prioritise & be  focused  so you can always be giving more than you taking
  7. We like to eat – Like all the time , only healthy Good stuff of course but all the time
  8. We love to say “ YES “ & then deliver on it – except when we really can’t – then we Have to just say NO
  9. We are passionate about Learning & then actually trying the New things we learn
  10. We always try be  appreciative & Grateful  & for some Crazy notion believe  that everything  happens for us & not to us

10.1- I know we said only 10 – But this one’s REALLY important so bear with me here

We love new clients & new MINT members so please don’t leave the site without registering & joining the incredible MINT community or letting us know how we can best add value to you!!

OK That’s it, we done now I promise …

Now go register & drop us your message….

Well go on then…